Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Secret Behind Katrina Kaif Skin Glow

A few days back I was checking out few celebrities and their new fashion/ beauty updates for the year 2013.  I usually keep an eye on celebrity trends and keep updating them on my blog.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian already loves going tan as we know that she like foundation 1 tone darker than her own natural skin tone but that is the makeup thing the truth is these celebrities are spotted in spas and salons for tanning. She usually goes to Cindy Barshop’s that's the Spa. 

Christina Aguilera on the other hand she is too tanner and that won’t suit her. Nobody wants to get too tan I mean something that won’t suit you looks awkward.  

I was pretty concern about this tan thing with the Hollywood celebrities and that is it’s a western trend but I guess not only the celebrities but people who have beauty craze wants to get tan. 

Do you girls know Katrina Kaif’s natural skin tone its light but any more as she tanned herself just for glow that's right  . Katrina Kaif tanning is looking good and she is not too tanned. Such tannings are promised to give a glow to your whole body and this is what the celebrities want to have as their job is to be in front of the camera all time.

How many of you girls want to get tan? I don’t want to get myself tan.  If you have loads of money to spend and you think you should have a tan skin tone then may be yes.   In other words, maybe it’s ok for a little glow on your skin. 

There are many tanning products available in the market I will write on them in another post with their availability.

For getting even skin tone naturally try this it’s simple and easy plus no side effects.
I suggest drink lots of water, eat organic food you won’t need any tanning.

This Picture was taken earlier 2012 and that is before  her tanning

this picture is taken earlier 2013 and you can see tanning glow on her  skin

These picture are not mine and taken from search engines.

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