Sunday, 24 February 2013

Priyanka Chopra-Brand Ambassador for Fahad Hussayn Lawn Spring 2013

Hey girls I think it’s your lucky day today!

We all know spring 2013 is here and every women living in Pakistan, India and Dubai is looking forward   to buy beautiful lawn prints. Lawn prints are so beautiful that whenever we go shopping we want to shop to our heart's content and the truth is we cannot content our heart's if we limit our shopping but again keeping our budgets in mind we limit our shopping not the case with the shopaholics lolz.

Fahad Hussayn needs no introduction he is among one of the talented designers of Pakistan.  This year he is introducing Priyanka Chopra as his brand ambassador for his spring 2013 designer Lawn collection.  
I was doing some search on designer prints when I heard about Fahad Hussayn’ new Lawn and the most exciting part is I even managed to get these pictures from some source. 

Here in Pakistan there are dozens of designers who launch their new designer lawns each year and still every year we see more and more designers popping from different corners of the country. Well it’s a good thing I say.  I believe if you are budgeting you’re shopping then why not go for selective shopping only.  
Despite of purchasing a suite for Rs/ 1500 why not see the quality of the cloth first. I suggest go for the quality and the print first then think the rest.      

Here’s is how you can shop.
If you have got 5k then you can buy two 3 piece suit each for 2500 and this is how I shop. I don’t compromise with the quality and prints.

I do not own these images.

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