Sunday, 2 October 2011

Benzoin (Loban) For Your Home's Peace!

Benzoin also known as Loban is an incense product which is used as fragrance. It is usually used for aroma but it also has other benefits like when it burned on a burning coal it gives smoke like appearance also which is used to kill mosquitoes and other harmful insects from your house also its powdered form is used in the making of many scents.

How does it help in making your home peaceful?
It is believed that its aroma is good for mind relaxation it is also proved scientifically.
Benzoin (Loban) is said to remove negative energies from your home like anger,depression ,frustration and also grief. Many people who have used benzoin (Loban) in their houses in the form of a scent or who have used its scent in their homes believed that when ever there is stress, tension, anxiety, disturbance, or fights in their homes they have used this Loban’s scent by putting it onto a burning coal really helpes in getting peace of their homes.

My Personal Experiance:
I myself has experienced this and I am regular user of loban at least once a week I use it. It drives away all the negative energies of the house with it leaving the house peaceful you will  feel  relaxation after its use I guarantee it which means loban is good for your home peace. 

How to Use It:
The use of Benzoin (Loban) is easy to use  all you need to do is break it into small pieces then take a coal put it on the burning stove now let it there be for about 15 minutes or till the coal becomes red hot you can also make it red hot but putting on the fan after its being on stove for 15 minutes. Then take a bowl made up of strong metal  or you can also take an empty frying pan which has stick. Put the coal in the frying pan with the help of a tong then put those break pieces of benzoin (loban) on it as soon as you put the pieces it will start giving a scent and lots of smoke which is  not harmful at all for you health and is good for your home peace instead.
burning loban

loban cups
loban sticks

it also comes in the form of sticks

Where to buy it:
You can buy it from the shops like those who keep such things I mean you can also buy it online and if you are living in Pakistan ,India then there is no problem finding them because these things are available in every market you visit like “parchoon ki dukan” where you can find oils ,scents and stuff.

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