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Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Maybelline baby lips, I really want to buy this product for a long time as many girls were giving positive feedback on this product. So, I thought of giving it a try.

What the Product Claims:
The product claims to be a super moisturizing lip balm that locks right amount of moisture in your lips. The results are you got the lips you were born with. Maybelline says about this product

           “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline”



My Verdict:
If you have carked lips and you think you want something extra that give you relief from carked lips but it will take time, lock moisture for a long time, something that is really pleasant when applied on lips, slight shimmer and super moisturizing, yummy flavor and above all it does exactly what it claims.


Impressive packing, you can take it whenever you go. There is no way you can compare Maybelline baby lips balms with some sea butter lipsticks as the product claims to be a balm with a small hint of color and not a super moisturizing lipstick. People sometimes compare it with lipstick but I can’t say it’s a lipstick.

Maybelline baby lips have SPF in some of its balms like Quenched. You can see it in the picture the one with blue packing and is transparent when applied no color at all.

I bought Maybelline baby lips in 3 flavors. The product is available in many flavors and some are expensive and some are afforadable. Kindly note that the price rates of all Maybelline baby lips is not same.  

1.     05-Quenched (sunscreen SPF)  4.4 g/0.15 oz
Super moisturizing lip balm flavor is amazing like lemon tart I just love it.  Transparent when applied.

2.     25-Pink Punch              4.4 g/0.15 oz
Yummy flavor like strawberry type candy, super moisturizing lip balm, Slight pink color when applied.

3.     15-Cherry Me               4.4 g/0.15 oz
This one is my favorite, cherry yummy flavor, gives a little red color to lips when applied. This product claims to have Vitamin E and Aloe Leaf Extract. 

In my opinion Maybelline baby lips balms are quite affordable and anybody can buy it with ease.

Ready for my ratings ? 

1.     Packing  9/10
2.     Flavor  9/10
3.     Moisturizing for 8 hrs   8/10
4.     Affordable 10/10
5.     Good to take anywhere with you  10/10
6.     Is it a lip healing medicine for lips in poor condition? No way you, it’s not a medicine.  4/10

I       Check out all these lovely posters this will give you a better           understanding what the product claims!!

 So girls do you want Maybelline baby Lips ??

All in all I just love Maybelline baby lips balms. If you have already tried this product kindly share with me.

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  1. I have just started using maybelline baby lips and its amazing but I didn't find all flavours can you suggest a store that carries different varieties in khi?

    1. Hi Sarah

      Maybelline baby lips is available in 6 flavours. In Karachi I am not sure but you can still request your desired flavours at because their products are genuine. They consider the requests and make them available in their stock.
      In Lahore you can buy maybelline baby lips from Alfatah DHA. I hope that helps.

  2. These sons so good. I'm gonna try the cherry one. Thanks


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