Monday, 30 September 2013

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Mint julep masque by Queen Helene is one of my most favorite masques and here are the reasons why I think it’s so perfect for my oily skin.

As shared earlier, I prefer buying skin care products that are most famous for their results. Mint julep masque is my first product from the brand Queen Helene. I was not sure about queen Helene products as I never had an any experience with their products but after hearing so much about mint julep masque I thought of giving it a try.

Mint products are usually soothing for acne and they are mostly organic. Not all are organic but queen Helene products have lesser ingredients so that is also a plus point.  Skin care products should have lesser ingredients because our skins needs to breathe so in that perspective I think organic product with lesser chemicals and ingredients are the best. I won’t say that mint julep masque is purely organic but it’s 50% organic.

The product Claims:
1-It helps dry up acne and pimples
2-Rinse away blackheads
3-Shrink enlarge pores

My experience with the product:

I absolutely love this product as it does dry up acne pimples. Especially when you apply small quantity of it on a pop up pimple the next day it dries it upto70% no matter how large is your pimple.
As for the blackheads, yes it helps in making your skin oil free.  So that means helps in reducing blackheads.
Also it helps in shrinking enlarge pores.

Would I buy it again?
Yes, off course.
So, girls what are thinking go grab the original queen Helene mint julep masque now.
It will cost you around Rs/ 1000.
This masque dires up quickly once applied. After application leave it for about 15 mintues and then rinse it off  with tap water.

Total product rating 9/10

The product is not available in all beauty shops however you can still order online from authentic sites. If you are in Pakistan then buy it from You can also buy the product from Al Fatah DHA Lahore

Liberty Branch
55-E Gulberg III, Liberty Market, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: +92-42-35755877-78-79,35762880

DHA Branch
126-Y Comm,DHA Lahore Cantt,Pakistan
Fax: +92-42-5742769

I bought this product and this product is not given to me for a review.


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  4. Interesting product, I'd definitely try it!

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  6. Awesome review :) This is my go-to mask as well! Btw, I didn't know it is available in DHA Al Fatah. Did you check it there?


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