Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo

I have been thinking to do a haul on Dove Products as I am totally in love with this brand. Due to the exposure to heat in terms of hair straightening products and sun, my hair were a kind of damage I am not that much into lots of styling products and experimenting  the product on my hair, rather I avoid using them but what to do when all of a sudden you have to go somewhere especially on occasions. 

So, I thought of buying something affordable and a product that can fix my damage hair after one wash. Why not try Dove damage therapy shampoo? What an idea!   

What the product Claims:
It’s written on the back side of dove damage therapy shampoo that daily wear and tear can damage your hair thus leaving your hair dry and dull.

The product claims that the formula is quite energizing and the product is infused with micro-moisture serum and fiber actives.   

The product also claims that the formula maker of the product recognizes the main reason of hair damage. That’s why they have placed the damage care and re pair at the heart of everything they do.
You can also see clearly in the pictures below.

My Experience with the Product:
My experience with the dove damage therapy shampoo is really pleasant. I have very oily hair and I need to wash my hair every second day. I have many reasons for this. First is oil means dirt can clog my scalp. I also have a little bit of dandruff issue especially in winter. 

Winter’s here in Pakistan is quite drying. Despite of lots of oil secretions my hair needs oiling and some sort of damage therapy as our hair  are always exposed to heat, dirty environment I mean lots of dust particle in the air that stick on to my hair and make them more dirty.   

How I use the shampoo?
First I take some tap water and pour small amount of shampoo let’s say 1 and half table spoon. As I have medium length hair, also depending on your hair length of your hair. The Quality of the product is super awesome it leathers perfect.   

The texture of dove damage therapy shampoo is like wow; it has gel texture, color is like transparent golden syrup and it has lemon grass and grapefruit uplifting smell that’s so refreshing and energizing this is what they claim about its fragrance. I just love it!!

Yes, girls you should try this beautiful product. This product is for all types of hair and it will repair your damage hair and leaves them super shiny without using any other product. I mean you don’t need to use a conditioner after it.

Quality    9/10
Smell    9/10
Texture 9/10
Does repair the damage 8/10
Formula    9/10

You can buy this product from any good store in your city as the product is made in USA. If you in lahore you can buy it from Jalal Sons or Al Fatah DHA Lahore. I hope that helps.  

you can see the gel like texture that smells like lemon grass and grapfruite plus its color like golden syrup or  you can say honey!!

this is Made in USA product that's why it has very good quality 

The bottle contains 355ml 

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