Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Body Shop Body Butter Satsuma Review

Winter is here and what we really love to use are body butters. The body shop offers quite a nice range of body butters that just melts in to your skin and makes your skin feels softer and yummy.  Why I say yummy ?  Because  the body shop body butters are mostly in fruit ranges like mango, strawberry, Satsuma etc and their smell is original ;  like real fruits.  

So, when we use the body shop body butters it feels like wearing fruit scents.  Apart from what it smells like their products are really of good quality, if you see the texture, just so smooth.

What the product claims:
The body shop claims that this product contains shea butter and fresh Satsuma smell. Leaving your skin 24 hours hydrated and best for normal to dry skin.

My Experience with The Body Shop Body Butter Satsuma:

I have it in travel size pack that super easy to carry along and it fits well in my bag any where I go.

The product makes my skin feel softer but not super soft. It does hydrate your skin well in winter but if you say 24 hours that’s not true.

But I would rather like to say, you need to re-apply the product after 8 hrs also depending on your skin type. If you are having serious skin drying issues this product won’t work, but if you have got healthy normal or dry skin this product is good.     

Smells like Satsuma that is a known citrus fruit, belongs to orange family and it smell is not like oranges neither orange flower.

 I just love the smell however the smell does not stay longer on your skin rather it stays for about 15 min after the application and then the smell is gone.  

 My Ratings:

Fragrance  9/10

Makes skin softer   7/10

Texture   creamy and soft   8/ 10

Melts in to skin  8/10

Non greasy 9/10

Formula 7/10

Affordable 8/10

Availability 8/10

Would I buy this product again 8/10  

Travel friendly 9/10

beautiful texture makes skin so soft

 I think it’s the fragrance I am in love with. Girls go grab this product.

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