Friday, 22 November 2013

Nature Secrets Anti-Perspirant Deodorant with Energizing Mint Raspberry Review

I have tried many anti perspirant products especially the drugstore ones in liquid as well as in solid formula. My first priority when I search for an anti-perspirant deodorant is that it should have a nice smell and the product should absorb sweat for at-least 12 hours. 

 A friend of mine recommended me oriflame deodorant because she thought that the nature secret range of oriflame is just perfect for me.

I bought two products of this range; anti-perspirant deodorant and exfoliating body wash that works as a nice body exfoliate and I would prefer to use it in summers.  However, the nature secret anti perspirant deodorant works perfect both in summers and in winters especially in working hours at home or in office.    
this is made in Sweden product

description is written in different languages

after peeling off the sticker you can see it's ingredients

What the product claims?
Nature secret anti-perspirant deodorant with energizing mint and raspberry claims to have energizing mint and raspberry that keeps you calm and refreshes your senses throughout the day. 

My Experience with the Product:
I think nature secret anti-perspirant deodorant is a good product to use. The product has its pros and cons. I would like to share these with you.  
without flash

as you can see the product has milk color 

it's packing is very good no leakage nothing

-Smells Beautiful and keeps you fresh throughout the day
-Little quantity goes a long way. Infact it's a 50ml product.  
-Good staying power; stays for about 20 hours.
-Good Anti perspirant formula absorbs sweat and keeps you fresh.
-It has natural smell of mint and raspberry not at all over powering.
-It has plastic packing. That won't break or leak, plus you can keep it in your bag. Isn't that great ?
-First of all this product is not organic and it has many ingredients. 
-It’s color is like milk and the liquid formula may leave stains on your outfit.  
-May not suit every skin type especially if you have delicate skin.
-The product does not claim that it is dermatologically tested.
-The colored formula is visible when you wear a sleeveless top or shirt this could be the worst thing.

How about some rating?

Would I buy it again?
I think there are tons of other products available so I won’t buy it again. 
If you have already tried the product kindly share your views. 

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