Sunday, 18 August 2013

St.Ives Apricot Blemish Control Scrub – Naturally Clear

Stives delivers high quality products at affordable rates. The results are superb this brand never lets you down and you will feel that your choice is just perfect.    

I was trying to find a perfect drugstore scrub for my eextremely oily skin. The reason is my skin needs to be exfoliate especially the T zone at-least 2 times a week as the oil forms dead cells and black heads on my skin and I cannot imagine my skincare routine without a good scrub.

My Experience with stives apricot blemishes control scrub:
I also have blemish issues not very bad but you can say to some extent. So in that perspective I want to have a product that can do 2 in 1 job plus it should be affordable. So, I bought this original stives apricot blemish control scrub.
After using the product; first time I felt my skin visibly clearer, dead cells that were responsible for my darker complexion were gone and black heads were visibly reduced. I would like to say that this product surprised me. Each time I use it my skin feels better than ever.

What the product claims:
Stives product claim to lifts surface oils and dirt that can lead to blackheads and blemishes.
Yes, the product does what it claims.
I would like to suggest girls who have oily/combination skin to buy stives apricot blemish fighting scrub. I am sure that this product will make you happy.


How many times to use this product a week?  
You can’t use this product once a week if you have extremely oily skin, you must use it at-least 2 times a week if you want good results. Depending upon skin conditions if you have acne then don’t be too harsh on your skin and safe it until you are free from acne as the beads in stives apricot blemish control scrub are little too harsh for sensitive skin and when you have acne it means your skin is sensitive. Otherwise, the product is awesome.  

Have a Closer Look at the Exfolaiting Beads:

with flash

without flash

Stylebeautyblog Rating for this product:
Exfoliates-    9/10
Reduces Blemishes-   7/ 10
Reduces blackheads and white heads-   9/10
Helps in acne- 8/10
I would like to give 4.8/5 the total product score.

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  1. hi! i have been using this product for quite some time now and love the results.
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  3. St Ives is a great skin brand. Own a lot of stuff from them :)

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  4. St Ives is usually very good, great review !
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