Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss Review

Bourjois smile enhancing gloss is a unique product. Today, I would like to share why I like this product and for what reason every girl should keep this in her bag.

Bourjois smile enhancing gloss is a multipurpose product. Bourjois is a French word and Bourjois smile enhancing gloss is a French makeup product.

Everything written on its packing is in French except for 2 points that are translated in English language so that those who don’t understand French can read it in English.


What the product Claims:
Bourjois smile enhancing gloss is a lip gloss that has the ability to make your smile more beautiful with its tooth brightening effect gel. 
The product has two wands first is Bourjois smile enhancing gloss and the other is tooth brightening effect gel that claims to make your teeth white and bright after its application.

My Verdict:
I found Bourjois smile enhancing gloss an impressive product. All ladies can keep them in their bags easily.

About the Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss:
It has a non- sticky formula and all the colors seem beautiful. The formula has little shiny particles and the smell is like refreshing mouth freshener when applied. In other words the formula is very refreshing and you can apply it easily without any trouble handling the applicator. 

Places where you have warm weather conditions like in Pakistan, India and Dubai especially in summer; it may melt but unlike other lip glosses it has a good staying power of 8 hr plus the formula is hydrating. It won’t claim anything about its staying powers but the formula sticks to your lips for many hours and that’s its plus point.

About the Tooth Brightening Affect Gel:
The gel is transparent and you apply it on your teeth to make them shine and bright.  To me this is more like a refreshing gel inside a mouth freshener candy.

The gel does nothing special in making your teeth white and shiny. But if you are in a hurry and you think your mouth should not be giving any odor then I suggest this product is just for you. The gel  smells like mouth freshener so ladies better keep it with you especially when travelling around. It fit well, along with your other cosmetics. It won’t take much space in your bag.

Why I purchased this product because I think Bourjois is an affordable brand plus all it lip glosses have a non-sticky formula that lasts long. So, I think its quality is better than many international brands. It may be expensive for some people but it's worth the price. 

My only concern regarding the product is; they should have launched the products in other pretty colors. 
I will definitely recommend Bourjois smile enhancing gloss.

Keep Smiling

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