Saturday, 1 June 2013

How to Stay Fresh Throughout the Day

Hey girls what’s up? I hope you all are enjoying summer. Previously on StyleBeautyBlog facebook fan page I mentioned that I will be doing a post on how to stay fresh throughout the day. So, today I would like to share a few tips with you girls.

1.      First of all try to drink a lot of water. The key is take bottle of water with you wherever you go. Just like a cell phone is needed same case water is a must to take with you especially in summer season.

This will keep you hydrated throughout the day plus you don’t have to take any drink that has lots of calories like PEPSI, COCA-COLA etc. You can also add some fresh juices in your daily diet this will also keep you fit and fresh.

So here is how you start your day with fresh water or fresh juice. Vitamin water or vitamin smoothe will just be perfect. Its digestive and really healthy.

2.      I would prefer organic diet like fruit and vegetable salads. If you want to lose weight then this is the perfect option. Remember it’s all about what you EAT.


3.      Add some pasta in your diet.
4.      Avoid fatty diet like burgers, pizzazz, and fast foods.
5.      Don’t forget to follow your daily skincare routine to stay fresh throughout the day depending on your skin type.
6.      Whenever you go out use SPF based creams and avoid makeup no matter how expensive makeup products you use it will somehow damage your skin. 

7.           You can use SPF lip gloss, SPF lip balm and SPF kajal instead of applying makeup all over your face. 

8.      When you go out take these things with you an umbrella, shades, water bottle along with the other essential products that you usually carry with you.

9.      Lastly, avoid tension, stress and take lots of sleep and be happy. Do Yoga and exercise its the key to everything.

These were a few tips as for how to stay fresh throughout the day.

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