Monday, 11 March 2013

7 Reasons to Shop Online from (

Hey every one!
Before I start I would like to say it’s not a promotional post and I would like to share my online shopping experience with all you girls especially from Pakistan. 

Many of you are afraid to do online shopping especially if you want to buy from a Pakistani website.  Well I was also afraid to buy from any Pakistani website. Then I heard a lot about just4girls.

I decided to buy a few products 2 lip glasses from Bourjois that happened to be one my favorite brand and 1 nail lacquer by OPI (teenage dream).
What I like about just4girls
·        Their service is really good so I would like to give 8/10 
·        Delivery on time. You have to wait too long.     5/10
·        Packing yes I love their packing so 10/10.
·        Products are genuine. Yes 10/10 
·        Do they charge extra? Well I think you are getting products sitting at home so I don’t think so. But on some products yes they charge Rs 50-Rs 100 extra.  This is what I feel as I have already shopped from just4girls many times.    8/10

·        All in all I think this is the only Pakistani website that promises what they say and I think the buying procedure is quite simple they will guide you through the way. 

·        They offer a variety of brands to choose from. They have affordable to high end brands. 10/10

Hafiiza I hope my spelling is correct is a very nice person and she knows how to do her job. She is a kind of friendly person.    You are wondering who she is? Well whenever you place an order she deals with all clients to confirm the orders and give them her humble suggestions.     10/10   
Tips if you want to buy from

·        Don’t buy many items at a time because once I did and I don’t have good experience with that.

·        If you want to buy a product near Eid etc then you must know  at that time there is a lot of rush so be patient. 

It’s quite safe to shop online from  

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  1. Hi! Sara! good n honest review,that's what i like about your blog.your suggestions are very good, i too ordered from this website and got a confirmation call n the lady was very friendly n soft spoken! but later had to cancel the order because it was late n the items i ordered went out of stock.Also i read your Itwaar baazaar blog review and really enjoyed it, I wish I could go there n buy stuff but I m not bot a resident of Karachi. :(

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