Saturday, 20 October 2012

Kapoor sisters repeated their jewelry

I was going through the weddings pictures, when I notice a few things that I like to share with you all. There are many other interesting things also to share about the wedding and this is the first I  would like to share.

The jewelry that Kareena Kapoor wore on her "Sangeet" ceremony was the one she wore on her sister's wedding and also Karishma Kapoor wore the same jewelry on Kareena's wedding day that she wore on her own" haldi "ceremony. Just like our Pakistani and Indian weddings where especially the married sisters love wearing their own wedding dresses on their brothers, sisters and cousins wedding.  

The cultural thing is amazing we all must keep it going. It’s not all about the money but the most important thing is love among our hearts for each other.   

Media try to flash this news as OMG! what they did? They should be wearing new and most expensive jewelry how come the sisters repeated their jewelries?

Well I will say it’s because they want to show the world how much they care and love each other.

I do not own these images.

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