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Stylish Color Trends of Fall/ Winter 2013!

Hey everyone! 

Hope you are enjoying your holidays. This post is about latest color trends, accessories and hot colors of the winter season.   Winter season is special and the only way to make it memorable is to make people fall in love with you. So the question is can you make people fall in love with you?

Well yes, why not just by knowing the right color trends of fall/winter 2013 you can not only change your looks, style but also people will know you as a style Guru!

Fall / Winter 2013 Runway colors.    
Do you know winter season is all about dark and bright colors? Like red, black etc but not this time. In Fall/winter 2013 the designers have added a blend of cool, warm and base colors into their latest runway collections.  These color trends are for men and women both. They have a wide range of colors but my favorite ones are. 

·       Tomato color
·       Chocolate
·       Cobalt  ( cool colors but in winter it looks amazing)
·       Blue Spruce
·       Dried Rose
·       Yellow
·       Purple Fuchsia (cool color but looks amazing in winter)
·       Red Orange
·       Sweet Potato
·       Toffee
·       Crimson
·       Aged Cabernet
·       Pink Dahlia
·       Mustard Seed
·       Grapes  (cool color)
·       Peacock (cool color)
·       Pine (cool color)
·       Syrah (cool color)

The colors are specifically divided in to 3 main categories cool, warm and base.

Have a look on these pictures to get the right idea about colors.  

Base colors:

Cool Colors

Warm Colors

These images are taken from search engines and are not mine

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