Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Clean & Clear deep action cleanser-Product Review

Hello everyone!  Today I am going to talk about a new Skin care product by Clean & Clear. The product is just launched in stores. Well, we don’t have more clean and clear campaigns in Pakistan.  I came to know about this product when I was on shopping at ‘Jala Sons’. I have mentioned about the store in my earlier posts. I usually buy products from this store because all the skincare products are genuine.  

 I have very oily skin for that reason I need such skin products that helps in reducing my skin oil especially from the T-zone of my face more effectively. Oily skin means pores, because of excessive reducing oil there form clogs of dirt that later turns into pimples, black and white heads on my skin if I won’t care. Proper cleaning on daily bases is a must for every skin especially when you have oily skin.
Clean and Clear products usually suit my skin plus they are very much affordable. 

My Experience Using This Product:
I have been using this product now for about a week and there is a visible oil free glow on my skin because the product has the ability too remove dead cells from the skin as well. An important thing  to mention is if you want best results use this product twice a day  just like twice brushing teeth gives better shine same way twice using this product gives better, smooth and clean skin. Use it when you wake up after a nap and then at night before going to bed.   

I would give this product 8/10. The best thing about this product is its won’t make my skin dry after using but rather leaves my skin softer and clean.

About The Product And Price:
On this product its written it’s Oil-free and won’t clog pores.  Through it’s a deep cleansing formula that controls oil and prevents shine up to 8 hours. Its 100g and the product are manufactured in Malaysia. I bought it for 520 PKR (Pakistani Rupees).

This amazing Clean & Clear product  is also available on Pakistani website just4girls.
I hope you all like my second product review on StyleBeautyBlog. Leave you comment and do like my review.  Please comment if you have already used this product. 

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