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Elizabeth Taylor 4 Pc gift set of White Diamonds-My first Product Review

Elizabeth Taylor 4 Pc gift set of White Diamonds-My first Product Review
It was my birthday and my cousin gave me this amazing Elizabeth Taylor 4 Pc gift set of White Diamonds. It was beautifully packed and I opened it lols. I have reviewed all the products in it and I found them absolutely breath taking. All the products are perfumed including the gentle moisturizing body cream and body wash. I just love the whole set.  
The details are as follows:
This gift set is worth US $44.00
What it has:
·        EDT Spray 3.3oz
·        EDP mini Spray 15ml
·        Perfumed Body Cream 3.3oz
·        Perfumed Body Wash 3.3oz
·        Designer based on: Elizabeth Taylor
·        Product is for: Women
Perfume Notes:
It has gentle notes including, amber, lily, Rose, sandalwood and oak moss. 

How I Feel When I Wore This Perfume:
I think this perfume has sweet fragrance perhaps too sweet not good for those who are not into sweet fragrances. It gives floral kind of sweet notes. I will give it 5/10. Its gives  a sweet girl impression ! :)

Best to wear:
It is best to wear on occasions and events especially in daytime.



 Here are Some indoor flashes of this gift set 

without cover-unpacked

with cover-packed




sorry for the blur images  as my camera is just 1 mega-pixel.

Hope you will like my very first product review.

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