Sunday, 3 June 2012

Marie Claire Stylish Black Stiletto

This time I would like to share hot Stiletto by Marie Claire. I think every girl must have black Stiletto in her closet.  I am a huge fan of Marie Claire shoes and here is one that I pick for review on my blog.

Just like a healthy lifeStyle we all need to improve our Fashion health now you are wondering what’s fashion health well I say, one need to look cute, stunning and beautiful at their end and for that reason one must have a good fashion health.

Adorable looking clothes, fashion accessories like shoes, bangles, clips etc will make you more cute and adorable. It’s not always about very expensive brands or products. Style is something that nobody can deny you can make your own style by wearing mix and match accessories by different brands.

About Black Marie Claire Stiletto:

·          First of all I would like to say they are quite comfortable, my feet looks beautiful in them.
·        They are not very expensive but are affordable
·        I have worn them 5 times now and I don’t have any complaint with their quality etc.
·        I don’t feel any foot pain.
·        You can wear them on events like parties, weddings etc.


·        Color:

Black and Grey

·        High Heel:

 3 inches

·        Grip:

Excellent back grip   


·        My Rating:




If you have Stiletto or any other fashion shoes then do share them with me here on my Blog. Waiting for your comments J

I purchased these shoes and all images are mine.

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