Sunday, 14 December 2014

Informative Posts on Glamour Infusion

friends since I have shifted my blog posts and now officially writing on Glamour Infusion which is a great website to follow for all the informative posts related to beauty tips, fashion, makeup reviews, celebrity news, health and wellness.
You can actually check out some amazing posts just by visiting the website or if you want to read specific posts I am going to share some links of those amazing posts. You can just click the post title and can read that posts instantly.

Health and Wellness: 
1) Remove yellow plaque top 7 most effective ways
2) Most effective ways to treat melanin
3) Eliminate black heads top ten ways
4) Piercing infection cure top ten ways 
5) Lose weight fast with these top ten tips
6) Ten ways to control sweat odor
7) Ten best ways to control canker sores fast
8) Control hair fall using simple home remedies 
9) Super foods that help in height gain

Beauty Tips
1) Best body scrubs for all skin types
2) Best DIY face pack for glowing skin 
3) Hair removal at home best ways to get rid of unwanted hair
4) How to get rid of chapped lips with simple home remedies 
5) Beauty tips for girls to have healthy glowing skin naturally 
6) How to stay fresh throughout the day

Celebrity Style
1) Alia Bhatt all about casual wears
2) Kareena Kapoor 11 hottest red lipstick looks
3) Kareena Kapoor Red Lipstick Look- get the look
4) Kareena Kapoor saree-top 7 looks
5) Kareena Kapoor new salwar kameez look Vol 4
6) Katrina Kaif desi avatar revealed for her upcoming 2015 movie Phantom
7) Katrina Kaif beauty secret revealed 
8) Salena Gomez pink makeup look
9) Deepika Padukone saree top 9 looks
10) Secret Behind Katrina Kaif Beautiful Smile 
11) Dia Mirza dressing style-Her craze for red, pink and orange outfits
12) Kardashian sisters style check
13) What's the secret of Priyanka Chopra smile ?

Hair Care
1) Top 5 anti dandruff shampoos available in the market
2) How to control that itchy dandruff
3) Control hair fall using simple home remedies
4) Top 5 shampoos for dull dry damaged hair 
5) Dove damage therapy shampoo review

Holiday Gift Set
1) Helpful tips and ultimate holiday gift guide for everyone

There are a lot other helpful posts and product reviews available on Glamour Infusion but for that you need to visit the website and subscribe.
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